Chiropractic care has been around for over a century and it has never ceased to evolve, improve and innovate. The science offers groundbreaking, revolutionary techniques and approaches to both pain management and wellness, and among the most frequently cited is the Torque Release Technique, or TRT.

The Torque Release Technique is science backed and proven to produce results in the areas of pain control and body health and wellness, and Dr. Loren has many years of experience in its use and application. The staff at Virtue Chiropractic undergoes regular continuing education and training in the latest best practices and methods for applying TRT so that our approach is always consistent with the latest science.

Dr. Loren Liming and Torque Release Technique
Dr. Loren Liming and Torque Release Technique

Understanding Torque Release Technique

At its most basic level, TRT is simply the most gentle, targeted and specific way to apply chiropractic adjustments. It’s also among the most highly regarded due to the way it pinpoints the specific neurological imbalances to help the body work better to recover from pain, illness and injury. Part of our mission at Virtue Chiropractic is to provide the highest level of care, which is why we rely upon this method and why our entire team undergoes continuing education and training to stay up to date with the latest techniques and philosophies related to TRT.


TRT is different from other techniques in how precise it is. It targets very specific areas and makes use of a special instrument, an integrator, to precisely adjust these regions. It’s noninvasive and drug-free, like all chiropractic techniques, and it helps to realign your spinal column and correct neurological impairments that regulate brain-body communication.

By correcting these subluxations and reopening the pathways for communication, your body works better overall. This method is very gentle and involves no popping, twisting or cracking. It’s a comfortable and stress-free method, which is why it’s the preferred method Dr. Loren uses at Virtue Chiropractic.

Improving your spinal health

By using gentle pressure on specific points along your spine, TRT creates impulses that gently restore proper motion to your vertebrae decreasing stress on your spine, easing tension on the muscles and nerves around the spine and allowing the body to function properly. TRT accomplishes all this by freeing up the pathways from your brain through your spine to every cell in your body, so the signals your brain sends are clearer, allowing your body to work better in terms of its natural self-healing abilities. Your spinal health is the key to your whole-body health, and keeping it in proper alignment is among the best things you can do to remain free from injury, illness and pain.


what ages can benefit from TRT?

The Torque Release Technique is completely safe for people of all ages. Newborn infants, children and adults, including seniors, can benefit from this form of chiropractic adjustment. Dr. Loren Liming encourages you to schedule a visit; we love meeting new clients of all ages, be they kids, teens, parents or grandparents.

how quickly does it work?

Every individual is different, and the time frame to experience relief from symptoms will vary as well. Some notice results right away, while others will need a number of adjustments before experiencing an improvement in wellness. It depends on a number of factors, but the most important is the current condition of your spine.

Dr. Loren recommends patience with the process, as the Torque Release Technique encourages your body’s natural healing abilities to improve. The speed at which it will happen depends on how serious your impairment is. Chiropractic care is a holistic, whole-body approach to wellness and as such, we encourage our clients to continue visiting us even after they feel improvement. The right chiropractic adjustments can be part of your regular health plan.

If you’re ready to experience improved health and wellness, call Dr. Loren Liming at Virtue to start today!


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