Chiropractic care takes a whole-body approach to wellness.

We focus on being proactive in your health and take advantage of your body’s natural healing abilities. The human body is an amazing machine that’s capable of astounding feats of healing, but sometimes it needs a little help to get there. That is where principled chiropractic comes in.

Principled chiropractic care is a form of care that doesn’t simply focus on reacting to symptoms, but that believes in addressing the root cause of underlying issues. In this way, it can form an important part of not just healing, but also ongoing preventive care that gives you the ability to live a healthier lifestyle overall.


The principled chiropractic care model used by Dr. Loren is focused on addressing the underlying root causes of any health concerns you have, whether it’s disease, injury or any other ailments. Many of these issues are caused by vertebral movement restrictions or misalignments in your spine. When your spine is out of alignment and not moving properly, it can put pressure on the nerves that run through, which causes interference in the signals your brain sends and receives.

improved spinal health at Virtue Chiropractic

This interference creates bodily dysfunction that can display as any variety of health issues, from chronic pain to disease. The model we use at Virtue Chiropractic addresses these misalignments and helps your body to function the way it should, allowing you to live a healthier life overall.

At Virtue Chiropractic, we only use scientifically-backed and proven methods of addressing spinal health, and we practice a model of principled chiropractic care. We always put our patients first. Your health is our only concern. Schedule a consultation visit at our office and learn about how we’re improving the wellness of our community.  We would love to be your Overland Park, KS chiropractor.


The Virtue Chiropractic team would love for you to come in for a consultation to see how we can help improve your health and happiness by Virtue of chiropractic care.